Power Tools Brand - We Distribute Throughout the United States



We´re a brand of electric power tools, manuals and accessories created with the purpose of establishing and leading emerging markets based on consumers’ needs. We´re close to the user and we guarantee the support, the service and the repair quality, construction at home and in the most demanding works were the appropriate tool or accessory is needed to have a perfect finish.

What do we do?

We manufacture products under the highest standards of quality and technology, keeping the consumer in mind at all times. In addition, we innovate in quality service and response with a standardized system of guarantees in a real-time response that satisfies our users’ needs.


With an Investment Fund -based in the United States- and extensive experience in the development of hardware and technology products- Promakertools Corp was founded in 2016 to promote a new product line focused on fulfilling the needs of clients and in the deficiencies found at the global supply level.


Our main objective is to develop a brand sustained over time with a solid foundation for the promotion of new products. Also, the acquisition of new lines and categories, under the specific needs of consumers in the different emerging markets.


Our mission at PROMAKER is to stand by our consumers at all times, guaranteeing the quality, service and support they require and to equip them with the tools needed to enhance their creativity, independence and ingenuity.


Become the first tool brand to lead the top 5 in sales within 5 years of our launch in Latin America. Also, to have presence in the rest of the emerging markets in 10 years.

Service and Support


PROMAKER® guarantees the products for 2 years from the date of purchase against any defect in its operation and faults in the materials or labor used in its manufacture..