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Herramienta promaker
Snap-off Knife 9mm
Snap-off used blades for a new cutting edge / High-impact ABS housing
Max: 1469
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Snap-off Knife Blade (10 Pieces)
Razor-sharp tempered SK5 blade / Fits most 9mm/ 18mm snap-off knives blade
Max: 59
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Herramienta promaker
Utility Knife Blade(10 Pieces)
Regular-duty utility blade for light sheet materials, paper and cardboard / Fits most standard utility knives / SK5 blade
Max: 576
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Herramienta promaker
Mini Scraper
Great for scraping in hard-to-reach places / Lightweight and economical plastic razor blade scraper / Use standard, single-edge razor blade
Max: 2722
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Herramienta promaker
Quick-open Retractable Utility Knife
Die-cast aluminum body with comfort grip / Twine cutter notch in handle / Blades locks in 3 extended positions or fully closed / 1pc extra blade stored in handle / Hinge mechanism for easy links
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