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PROMAKERTOOLS guarantees electrical products for 2 years from the date of purchase, against any defect in its operation, for failures in the materials or workmanship used in its manufacture.

PROMAKERTOOLS offers free service to electrical products for 2 years, from the date of purchase.

This warranty will not be valid under the following conditions:
• If the product had been used under conditions other than normal.
• If the product had not been operated according to the accompanying instructions for use.
• If the product had been altered or repaired by personnel not authorized by PROMAKERTOOLS

Likewise, this warranty does not cover  parts worn by use, such as coals, bearings, bushings, filters or accessories. The guarantee of PROMAKERTOOLS includes the repair of the product and / or components at no charge to the customer, including labor.

To make the guarantee effective, you must present your tool without having been intervened by personnel not authorized by PROMAKERTOOLS and the policy sealed by the commercial establishment where you purchased the product and / or the purchase invoice.

The guarantee system developed by PROMAKERTOOLS uses the latest technology so that the end user knows in real time the status of their product, a system interconnected with each Authorized Service Center, Distributor and Headquarters, in order to optimize processes and Response is effective in post-sale dynamics.

The GOL (On-Line Guarantees System) is innovative, the client receives notifications of the status of their product from the moment they take it for the first time to enforce their guarantee, until the end of the process

The Client can check PROMAKERTOOLS website with his unique identification ticket and get the information about their product until it is removed from the Promaker Authorized Service Center

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PROMAKER® guarantees the products for 2 years from the date of purchase against any defect in its operation and faults in the materials or labor used in its manufacture..