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Promakertools Corp. offers users of its power tools:


From the date of purchase against any defect in its operation or faults in the materials in its manufacture, as well as defects that have been generated by labor during its production.

The warranty process for a period of 2 years includes:

  • Repair of all types of faults, electrical or mechanical, that the tools present under conditions of normal use, and following the minimum safety parameters for their use indicated in the operations manual supplied with the tool at the time of purchase.
  • During this process, the customer will not be charged any kind of monetary charge on functional parts; except that the tool requires one or more consumables or accessories for its repair.


Functional part is understood as:

Any type of element, piece, or part that has been designed with the purpose of providing mechanical movement or transmission of electrical power to a tool, such as:

  • Gears and gearboxes.
  • Mechanical power transmission shafts (Spindles or spindles).
  • Switches.
  • Power cables.
  • Resistors or heating elements.
  • Direct current motors.
  • Fields or stators.
  • Armatures (rotors or armatures).
  • Connecting rods, rings, pistons or cylinders of reciprocating engines.


It is understood by consumable:

Any type of element, piece, or electrical or mechanical part that has been designed in such a way that it requires its exhaustion or wear for the operation of a tool. Among the best-known consumables, we have:

  • Brushes or graphite carbons.
  • Bearings, ball bearings, ball bearings, or bushings.
  • Abrasive and cutting discs.
  • Drill bits.
  • Cutting blades for saws.
  • Sandpaper.
  • Leaves.


Accessory means:

Any type of element, piece, or part that has been designed with the purpose of facilitating the use or portability of a tool for a specific repair or job, such as:

  • Auxiliary handles, handles, or handles used on a tool to facilitate handling or carrying.
  • Rods or depth gauges.
  • Tool-holder hooks or buckles.
  • Straps.
  • Polishing pads.
  • Wrenches for fixing discs or adjusting bits.
  • Protection guards.
  • Dust or waste collection bags.
  • Air filters.


When does a power tool warranty apply?

A tool failure repair request applies if:

  • The tool has been acquired legally from a business partner that guarantees its legitimacy by issuing a tax invoice or purchase receipt.
  • Said proof will be the only means that demonstrates clearly and without leaving any doubt that the tool is in the grace period of two (02) consecutive years granted by Promakertools Corp. This requirement is essential and is not subject to to reconsideration by any of the parties involved in the repair process


When is a power tool warranty not applicable?

A tool failure repair request will be denied if:

  • The tool has been manipulated or intervened by personnel not authorized by Promakertools Corp.
  • The tool is presented to an authorized service center for repair completely or partially disassembled.
  • The tool has breaks in its structure or casing and that may leave room for doubt about its integrity due to mishandling, as well as the presence of bodies foreign to its mechanical or electrical structure that are found internally during the review by authorized technical personnel. .
  • The tool shows notorious signs of corrosion due to prolonged exposure to moisture due to poor storage.


From the date of purchase, during this period the customer will have the possibility of taking his power tool to an authorized service center for preventive maintenance, during this period of time the customer can enjoy this service for free.

Preventive maintenance of Power Tools

The preventive maintenance service for power tools for 2 years is an alternative to Promakertools for its customers. During this period of time, the customer may take his tool, a maximum of four (4) times per year, to an authorized service center so that it can be checked or adjusted without it presenting a failure, such review will assess whether the tool will require:

  • External cleaning of the tool without replacement of functional parts.
  • Internal cleaning of the tool in the presence of dust, sawdust, chips, etc.
  • Lubrication of moving parts if the review indicates it.

If the performance of a tool does not meet the customer’s expectations, the customer may exchange it for its superior equivalent by paying the corresponding price difference.

The 2-month trial period is another after-sales service alternative in which the customer is offered the possibility of changing his tool, if it does not meet the initial expectations that he may have at the time of purchase. For the application of the change or exchange, the client must go to the commercial partner where he made the purchase of the tool with his respective proof of purchase to request the exchange.

  • In general, the customer must present the original tool in perfect physical and operating condition so that it can be evaluated by authorized personnel and raise their concerns or the possibility of changing it for another operating equipment or application equivalent to the one purchased. initially.
  • If the change is possible, the customer would pay the applicable price difference between both tools.


It is important to note that the possibility of changing the tool will be possible, if:

  • The requested tool has a Promaker® equivalent with similar operation and greater power.
  • The originally purchased tool is in good physical and operating condition.
  • The tool has not previously been presented to a service center for repair.
  • The client makes the request with their respective proof of purchase
Infinite-Warranty promaker tools


Promakertools Corp. warrants its hand tools for the lifetime of their use against failure in the materials and workmanship used in their manufacture.

The application of the infinite guarantee is for:

  • Cover any type of failure that a tool may suffer during a daily or routine operation that does not require great efforts for its application.
  • Replace the tool as soon as possible so that the customer does not lose the money invested in their purchase.
  • The application of the tool change must be evaluated by authorized personnel who are familiar with the use of the tool.


When does the Infinite Guarantee not apply?

Not applicable if:

  • The tool is used under conditions other than the purpose of its application.
  • The tool presents alterations or modifications.
  • The tool shows clear signs of having been intervened by unauthorized personnel.
  • If the tool has been stored in conditions that compromise its integrity, such as: excessive exposure to humidity, heat, or any other that affects the materials used in its manufacture.


Any type of accessory linked or not with a tool such as:

  • Cutting tool blades (retractable blades, reamers, etc.).
  • Saw blades.