We are always at the forefront, innovating to guarantee the best products, the best tools for construction. In our offices we will assist you and we will always get the perfect solution to achieve successful businesses that allow us to grow together with our clients.
In PROMAKER®, we have a team of highly trained professionals and experts in the area of ​​construction, that is why each product is thought and we take care of even the smallest detail, seeking excellence in each of them. We are open to listen to each suggestion in order to cover the needs of each region. Today present in the main markets implementing our system of Guarantees On Line GOL for electrical equipment that have 2 years of PX2 Warranty and Infinite Guarantee in Manual Tools.
You can write to us through info@promakertools.com where our customer service and management team will immediately contact you in order to attend your needs and enhance your business with Quality Tools, PROMAKER® “Quality that Makes it Easy..”