One of the most frequent problems that poses a risk to the operator is the use we can give to a power tool, in addition this bad practice leads to the loss of the product’s Limited Warranty.
Among the examples of misuse of a tool that can disable the warranty of the same we have:

  • Blows or impacts against strong surfaces due to improper handling of the tool.
  • Entry of objects or foreign bodies in a deliberate or involuntary manner that may affect the proper functioning of the equipment, such as nails, screws, pieces of metal, sand, dirt, etc.
  • Excessive exposure to the weather or humidity that may cause corrosion of metal parts, (Ex: Bad storage, tools subjected to contact with corrosive liquids or in the rain, etc.).
  • Inappropriate voltage levels (high or low) applied to the tool, use of defective extension or of considerable length that may affect the operation of the tool, generators or sources of voltages not appropriate.
  • Use of unsuitable grease or lubricants, or excessive subjection to these.
  • Lack or omission of the recommended minimum maintenance (periodic cleaning, conditioning of storage spaces, etc.).
  • Use of inappropriate accessories for a specific tool that may cause total or partial collapse of the same.
  • Any modification made to the tool by the owner (repair attempt), or through technical personnel not qualified or certified by the manufacturer of the tool.

It is recommended to read the manual of the tool to anticipate any type of inconvenience with this, and above all the most important thing is the integrity of the user.