Who better for this task than DIMEFI, distributor with extensive experience in the hardware sector and with a highly qualified sales team. Our new commercial ally verified the quality of the products offered by this great american corporation, such as Promaker®, by its own hand, DIMEFI began with the distribution of tools manufactured with high levels of quality for the professional segment nationwide.

Promaker® was pleasantly received at the launch of the brand not only by the DIMEFI distributor, but also presented its most important clients in the country where a company presentation was shared indicating the company’s mission, vision and objectives, answering all questions in the business conference.
Sales were swift and customers got their vote of confidence, subscribing their brand stores to the Promaker® professional by receiving positive comments from users who said they were satisfied with the prices and the 2-year warranty offer by the brand.
Again Promaker® stands out in every market where it says “present” thanks to having the best experienced distributors, qualified sellers and always with specialized workshops on tools certified by the corporation.
Promaker® and DIMEFI are the perfect allies for every professional in Ecuador with the highest quality tools at the best price.